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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

Nov 10 New Zealand Nov 10 New Zealand Squiggly river I think this was taken as we were flying over Vietnam. 108152857 Istana Nurul Iman The palace where the Sultan of Brunei lives. 108152852 Big Brunei River There aren't any narrowboats! 108152849 Huge clouds These enormous thunderheads were bubbling up and causing turbulence! 108152851 Philippino island No idea which one it is!! 108152855 Flight path It was great to follow our flight path on the monitor. 108152850 Melville Island This island is off the Northern coast of Australia. 108152853 River delta This river mouth is on Melville Island. 108152856 Australia! Crossing the Northern coastline of Australia. 108152854 Glorious sunset The sun was setting as we were crossing Australia. 108152858 G and T on the decking! Lindsey with her little dog Radar and I enjoying a G and T before dinner! Very civilized! 108999875 The Dog Magnet! Clive and Radar - no dog can resist that man! 108999876 Eastern Bay Looking down on the bay on the way from the car park. 108999877 Eastern Bay The sea is such a lovely colour! 108999878 Huhu Beetle! This very large beetle had been trying to get into our bedroom by throwing itself at the window! Fortunately it didn't get in!! 108999879 Pohutakawa Tree This beautiful tree is known as the New Zealand Christmas tree because it blooms for Christmas! 108999882 Pohutakawa blossom They really are prett trees. 108999881 Liquid refreshment! Clive, Lindsey, Philippa and Ann supping Speights! 108999880