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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

Dec 10 New Zealand Dec 10 New Zealand Festive board Belinda had made the table look very festive with crackers, and a Christmas tree centrepiece made of shortbread stars! 109872022 Christmassy hearth Belinda really goes to town on making her home festive. 109872023 Gorgeous tree It somehow looks strange with the sun streaming down outside! 109872024 Philly! Getting into the spirit of Christmas! 109872025 The Parade Everybody had turned out to watch. 109872034 Clevedon School float The kids were really enjoying themselves. 109872026 Fabulous Caddy This fantastic American Cadillac was in wonderful condition and had the most amazing hydrolics! 109872027 How cute! These little ponies are so sweet! 109872028 Love Bug The girl was handing out sunflowers from the boot, we got one! 109872029 Pipers Slightly unorthodox dress for pipers but they sounded good nevertheless! 109872030 Pirate Ship Some of the floats were really elaborate. 109872031 Quad Queen This lady was whizzing up and down on her quad bike. 109872032 Cute Quaddies Everyone got into the spirit of Christmas. 109872033 Travel in comfort My favourite - this settee was hurtling up and down the street doing amazing u-turns! 109872035 Janet and Red Lindsey's neighbour Janet with her gorgeous horse, Red. 109872036 What kind of goat are you? I just love the expression on Ollie's face! 109872041 How do you do! Radar and Ollie getting to know each other. 109872040 Monarch Butterfly Clive managed to catch this beautiful butterfly framed by the Ponga. 109872037 Monarch Butterfly Another shot of this lovely butterfly 109872038 Pukeko A native New Zealand bird which is a member of the Rail family. Similar to a Moorhen and Coot. 109872039 Rainwashed Kowhai I thought the raindrops looked so pretty on the ends of the fronds. 109872042 Angelic Cheryl 110544214 Angelic Mel! 110544215 'Appy Ann 110544216 Christmassy Clive 110544217 Festive Philly 110544218 Loopy Lindz 110544219 Merry Mary 110544220 Merry Mel 110544221 Loverly Lindz 110544222 The tree! 110544223 Dripping fern Everything was dripping following the heavy rain! 110546280 Cute bee! This bee has a proper face! 110546281 That's better! Clive was relieved to see the water levels returning to normal. 110546282 Tui We were thrilled to see this wonderful New Zealand bird in Lindsey's garden. 110546283 Tui It has the most amazing song. 110546284 Tui You can see its characteristic white wattle on this pic. 110546285 The Monster Mushroom This huge field mushroom was about 10" across and cost $10 (approx �5). 111159851 At the beach This is where we parked the van for the bacon sarnies and Champagne on Christmas morning. 111159852 Leaf Hopper This strange little creature landed on Clive's arm whilst we were at the beach. 111159853 The Beach Although it was quite overcast we all got sunburnt! 111159854 Retrieving the spare! Poor Philly had to crawl under the van to retrieve the spare tyre to replace the flat! 111159855 Philly flauting! Its a few years since Philly played the flute but she managed the odd note on mine! 111159856 Mary's pudding Mary is an awsome cook and here Christmas pudding is to die for! 111159857 Mince pies in the sunshine! Boxing Day elevenses - coffee and Mary's delicious mince pies! 111159858 The Snapper This huge snapper was cooked on the barby and easily fed six of us! 111159859 Stick Insect Lindsey spotted this little chap in her garden. 111159860 Stick Insect It really is an amazing creature! 111159861