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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

December 08 December 08 Icebound! We woke up to find the canal had frozen during the night! 18984639 Frozen Canal! This was a first, but no doubt not the last! 18984640 Icebreaker! The noise of the boat breaking through the ice was very odd - a sort of crackling sound! 18984642 Bunnies! Two little bunnies on the side of the canal - we really haven't seen many on our travels. 18984661 Canalside garden Lovely place - no ice! 19185977 Canalside garden Our mooring place opposite the garden 19186015 More wildlife Swan looking for breakfast 19186016 Winter sunshine Nice but chilly! 19186363 Ice! Sheets of ice floating over each other after breaking up 19186365 Great Haywood Marine Leaving the Marina, heading South again 19186346 Winter sunset Fine evening. 19186366 Indy and Granddad She was being a prima donna and wouldn't smile for the camera! 19467949 Indy! Thats much better - a cheesy grin this time! 19467967 Young astronomer! Looking at the moon through the telescope which our good friend Jim Hysom gave to us. 19645252 Kestrel Clive watched this kestrel hovering overhead as he was waiting in a lock. 19578987 Cruising at twilight The light has a luminous quality at this time of day. 19579008 Lonesome Pine! The trees looked spectacular silhoutted against the twilit sky. 19645253 Pyramid! This is Mount Jud, one of the spoil heaps from the local quarries. 19645214 Signpost! We are heading for Rugby. 19645255 Hawkesbury Junction Clive had to negotiate a 180 degree turn under this bridge. The Greyhound pub can be seen at the other side. 19645254 Crop circle? Well what else could it be? 19664515 Crop circle or not? Any suggestions? 19664553 Mel to the rescue! Using my trusty boat hook I managed to pull the boat back into the bank. 19664552 Remoored Having retrieved the bow rope from the water I managed to hammer the pin back into the muddy bank! 19664550 M6 Motorway bridge We passed under this vast bridge that carries the M6 Mortorway. 19664551 Duplicate Lock - Hillmorton Flight This is an unusual design, two identical locks side by side, very useful on busy days. 19737870 Early morning at Braunston It was a little misty first thing. 19964957 Looking down from Braunston Village You can see how many boats there are in the marina plus some on the towpath! 19964958 Dover The subject of the TV programme Narrowboat. 19964873 Our fisherman friend! We often see herons fishing along the canal but they don't usually stay long enough to be photographed. 19964874 Oxtail soup! Very turbid canal with all the run off from the fields after the rain. Lady Arwen is the second boat on the left. 19964959 Leaving Whilton again! We have come full circle and now we are off again! 19964960 Swan family Don't look now but we are being followed! 20095979 Thatch detail Fox chasing a rabbit - thatch decoration on the gorgeous cottage in Stoke Bruerne 20096001 Disused boat lift This old boat lift was next to the lock in Stoke Bruerne 20096002 Stoke Bruerne There is a museum a cafe and a restaurant in this row of lovely buildings in Stoke Bruerne 20096005 Broadbeam! These boats are absolutely huge - about double the width of ours! 20095995 Northamptonshire All the fields are newly ploughed and some have even got spring crops sprouting. 20096004 Canada Geese Sometimes there are hundreds of these birds in flocks at the side of the canal. 20096003 Wolverton Locomotive Wolverton was once famous for its railway works and is he continued home for the Royal Train! 20399022 Wolverton train! This amazing mural is painted on the wall alongside the canal. It is extremely long! 20398994 Feeding the birds It is hard to believe that this tranquil scene is actually in the heart of Milton Keynes! 20399023 In the heart of suburbia! Y!s believe it or not there is a housing estate lurking behind those trees. 20399024