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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

January 09 January 09 Ice and Snow Well they say if the acorns are large in the Autumn its going to be a harsh winter and they were large! 21789809 Frozen canal This ice was far thicker than the ice we have encountered previously. 21789810 Breaking the ice The noise this ice made as it broke was incredible! 21789789 Icebound We are trapped in the ice now - not going anywhere! Sounds like Scott of the Antarctic doesn't it! 21789812 More snow We had another gentle snowfall during the afternoon. 21789790 A Bridge! There is an escape route to civilisation and somewhere to park just beyond the bridge! 21789791 Squirrel! This little chap was tearing about in the branches of the trees opposite the boat. 21789792 Lady Arwen icebound Here we are moored in the icy canal going nowhere. You can clearly see our refrozen wake from when we broke the ice on our way down on Monday. 21900012 More ice! There is certainly no sign of a thaw yet! 21900015 Bottom Lock, Three Locks We had a nice lunch in the pub then braved the elements to look at the empty lock. 21900013 Bottom Lock, Three Locks The reason we can't travel South at the moment - Three Locks are shut for maintenace and the pounds have been drained. 21900014 Clive and Steve We enjoy having visitors on board Lady Arwen so it was great to see our friends Helen and Steve today. 21900016 Helen and Mel After lunch we braved the elements to look at the frozen canal. 21900017 Helen, Mel and Clive Its was great to see Helen and Steve again today. Steve is taking the photo! 21900018 Craig, Natalie and Barnaby What a lovely little family. 22307798 Barnaby Gabriel Patterson What a little sweetie he is. 22307799 Barnaby Gabriel Patterson He was ever so good, didn't hear him cry once - but he had just been fed! 22307800 The Raclette Meat and shelfish cooking on top of the Raclette, the vegetables and cheese are cooked underneath. 22307801 Groaning table! Racletting is a really fun and sociable way to cook and eat dinner. 22307802 Great friends. Our very good friends Shirley and Barry with Clive. 22307803 Lorrry away As the boat was lifted the lorry pulled out from underneath it. 22399149 Turning They very carefully turned the boat as it dangled above them 22399145 Steady! Very gently they eased it out over the canal. 22399144 Down a bit Carefully and very slowly they started to lower the boat towards the water. 22399147 Nearly there Just a little bit further. 22399146 Safe in the water Phew - finally it was in the water and I am sure they all heaved a sigh of relief! 22399143 Fenny Stratford Lock This is a very unusual lock as it has a swing bridge right in the middle of it. 22665467 Fenny Stratford Lock First of all you have to open the gate. 22665465 Fenny Stratford Lock Then you have to swing the bridge open before the boat can enter the lock. It has to be shut again once the boat has left the lock. 22665466 Traffic! Now the stoppages have reopened everybody seems to be on the move again. 22665471 Suburban canal Its strainge to find yourself cruising through the middle of suburbia!! 22665472 Leaving Milton Keynes These stately poplars lined the canal on the outskirts of Milton Keynes 22665469 Kestrel This lovely bird just flew alongside the boat and then landed in the tree. 22665468 Open countryside again Here we are moored up out in the countryside once again. 22665470 Rural mooring Although we found Milton Keynes a very pleasant place to be its nice to be out in the sticks again. 22665473 Short Eared Owl These beautiful birds put on a lovely flying display for us. 22834657 Short Eared Owl There is plenty of food for the owls on this heathland. 22834658 Short Eared Owl You have to look closely at the base of the tree - the owl is flying past it. 22834659 Winter sunset I just loved the colour of this pink cloud against the darkening sky. 22834656 Storm clouds! We began to wonder if the weatherman had been right, it looked as if a storm was on the way, but no it all came to nothing. 22834660 Clouds They say every cloud has a silver lining - you can see this one! 22835777 Cosgrove Lock A strange lock only 3'4" deep. The canal on the right is disused now and doesn't go anywhere. 22917722 Canal Signpost The signs on the canal are just like road signs! 22917721 Fox I promise you that little brown speck in the middle of the photo is definitely a fox! 22917720 Rotund Robin This chubby little chap came to visit us two or three times during the morning. 23087498 Rotund Robin Maybe we should print our own Christmas cards this time and use him as our model! 23088935 Rotund Robin The quality of the photograph is not brilliant as it is taken through the window, through the glass! 23087499 Red headed swan! Don't think I have ever seen a red headed swan before! 23087497 New View This is the new view where we are moored tonight. Its great when the view from your window changes nearly every day. 23088934 Twinning! Molly May II and Lady Arwen coming up the Stoke flight together. 23356936 Below Stoke Bruerne We moored up just before the lock - there isn't usually any room up in Stoke Bruerne itself. 23356937 Moorhen We see lots of these sweet little birds - can't wait for their chicks to arrive, they are just tiny little balls of black fluff! 23356938 Folk at the Folly Some of the group; note the Bodhran with the canal-theme artwork! Nice! 23534542 Box Drum Here's Mike on percussion! He also plays a rather nice bodhran painted in traditional canal artwork. 23697376 Playing at the Folly It nice to see Mel looking presentable for a change! 23697648 Malcolm Hysom Malcom, son of Jim and Jean Hysom, supporting the whistle players on bodhran 23697649 Nice bodhran! Mike playing his canalia decorated bodhran with a pastry brush from Morrison's! 23697650 Gayton Junction The last time we were here we turned up to Gayton Marina to use their pump out facilities. This time we went straight through. 23697375 Snowdrops! Aren't they lovely - the first sign that Spring is in the air! 23697377 Visitors Henry was very reluctant to get on board! 23724954 Visitors Cath, Barrie and Clive and Henry who finally agreed to step on board! 23725593 Visitors Henry, Barrie, Cath and Clive 23725589 Barrie and Clive Barrie was very interested in looking at the engine - its a boy's thing! 23725590 Fame at last! Henry, Mel and Barrie who is holding his book - 'Whizzo'. 23725591 The Book! 'Whizzo' The Motor Sporting Life of Barrie Williams by Paul Lawrence. 23725592 Henry, Cath and Barrie They were very impressed with Lady Arwen. 23725973 Leicester Arm of the Grand Union Canal Just beyond the bridge on the right you can make out a moored boat - its Molly May II - Peter and Pat's boat. 23855833 Watford Flight - Top Lock A very unusual flight - its a staircase - four of the locks are interconnected, no pounds in between. 23855832 Mel in leathers! Waiting for the top lock to fill. 23855835 M1! The bridge up ahead carries the M1 over the canal - its very noisy! 23855834 Cows grazing This area is really pretty and must be spectacular in the summer. 23944607 Newly ploughed There are signs of Spring even thought it is due to snow. 23944608 Cosy Clive made sure he kept warm today in his old mountaineering balaclava! 23944609 Signpost Welford Junction - we turned left heading for Foxton but may go up to Welford when we come back this way. 23944610