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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

Avebury Stone Circle Avebury Stone Circle Ditch and Mound It is hard to believe that this huge ditch and mound were constructed with primitive hand tools. 33642356 Possible barrow We saw this unnatural looking mound in the distance and suspect it is a barrow or buriel mound. 33642357 Chalk path The whole mound is built of chalk and the top has been worn away by millions of pairs of feet over the years. 33642358 Clive and stone I got Clive in the picture to show some perspective. 33642360 Clive and bigger stone! This one is absolutely huge! 33642359 60 Ton Tessie I am referring to the stone here! Many of the larger stones weigh up to 60 stone. 33642367 Thatched Cottage and Barn This cute cottage and barn also have one of the stones in their grounds, this one has fallen over though. 33642361 Part of the stone circle This is part of the large outer circle of stones - evidently many of the stones were broken up a long time ago and used for building in the village! 33642362 Lizzie and Clive We met this lovely lady on our walk around the mound. She gave us directions to Silbury Hill. 33642363 Diamond and Column Two of the entrance stones. A diamond shape and a column. They are enormous! 33642364 More Stones This circle of stones is huge. Everywhere you looked there were more stones! 33642368 And even more! You can see the village beyond the stones in this picture with the ditch in the foreground. 33642370 Roe Deer Doe One of a pair of female roe deer we spotted in a field of young maize whilst looking at Silbury Hill. 33642365 Silbury Hill Its an amazing sight - this enormous manmade hill just sitting there in the middle of the fields. 33642366 The Avenue It was a bit strange walking along here, just behind me the road intersected the avenue of stones! 33642369