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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

Bradford on Avon Bradford on Avon Bradford on Avon Taken from the bridge which crosses the river. 33975801 Lovely old buildings The town is a mixture of really ancient buildings, Georgian buildings and some tastefully designed modern buildings. 33975802 Saxon Church of St Laurence This very old church, probably built around the 9th Century. It was restored by the Victorians. 33975803 Saxon Church of St Laurence It is open to the public and the local ladies have a rota for doing the flower arrangements. 33975804 Tea Room We just loved this really old building which now houses a local tea room. 33975805 River Avon It is really pretty along this stretch of the river next to the church. 33975806 Another ancient building This one is dated Circa 1500 - Holy Trinity Church Hall. It has an interesting lamp holder on the front. 33975809 More modern This street is newer, probably dating back to the Georgian era. 33975811 Quaint street It has lots of narrow streets winding up the hilll, very reminiscent of Holmfirth or Tuscany! 33975813 St Mary's and St Laurence's Two churches, the one on the left is much younger, probably built around the 17th Century. 33975812 Tithe Barn Roof Absolutely fantastic - these beams date back to the 14th century. 33975799 Farmhouse Some lucky family still lives in this wonderful old farmhouse. 33975800 Canal side of the barn You could be forgiven for thinking this building was ecclesiastical rather than agricultural! 33975807 Interior of the barn. This barn is enormous. It was used to collect the tithes or taxes of the local people. 33975808 The other end It is difficult to show just how cavernous this huge barn is. 33975815 Clive at the barn This gives you a vague idea of how huge it was. Look at the doors! 33975810 Clive in silhouette I couldn't resist taking this when I saw him silhouetted against the grass! 33975814