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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

Bath Bath Bath Abbey It is a really beautiful building, both inside and out. 34787856 Fanned roof The roof in the abbey is absolutely exquisite. 34785981 Decorative motif This colourful diamond was set amidst the fanned roof of the abbey. 34787929 1000 years of monarchy. This interesting plaque was on the floor of the Abbey. 34787926 Norman foundations If you look through this grill in the floor of the Abbey you can see one of the pillars that formed the foundations of the Norman cathedral. 34787855 Big Wabbit There were several examples of this artist's work in and around the Abbey. 34787857 Sir Isaac Pitman A memorial to the man who invented Pitman's shorthand which I learned at college and still use today. 34787922 Praying hands Another example of this interesting form of sculputre. This one is about six foot high! 34787924 Wabbits and Dogs Yet another interesting sculpture just in front of the Roman Baths. 34787927 Plaque This plaque was in William Herschell's garden. 34785895 Herschell's garden The house and gardens have been restored as they would have looked in Herschell's day. 34785983 Herschell's telescope. The very telescope with which he discovered Uranus. 34785984 Herschell's workshop Down in the cellar of the house where Herschell worked on his telescopes. 34785985 Model This model shows how the baths would have looked back in Roman times. 34785980 Therma pool You could see the bubbles rising in this pool of hot water. 34787921 Geothermal spring You can see the bubbles rising in this picture. It looks as if it is boiling but they are actually gas bubbles. The water is very hot though! 34785982 Hot waterfall! The hot water was pouring through this conduit. The minerals have caused the orange colouring. 34787858 Portico These are the remains of the portico which adorned the entrance to the baths. 34787923 Gorgon's head This stone carving adorned the portico, it is amazingly well preserved. 34785896 Minerva's head This bronze head was discovered in the rubble when the baths were being excavated. 34785897 Roman woman There were people dotted around the place dressed in Roman garb. 34785979 Non Roman man! Clive admiring the Roman architecture 34785898 Underfloor heating These pillars of tiles would have had a mosaic floor on top. Fires were lit and the hot air would circulate amongst the pillars and warm the floor. 34785894 Mosaic floor Just some of the amazing finds that were discovered during excavation work. 34787919 Water horses and dolphin Amazingly well preserved mosaic depicting fantastic sea creatures 34787920 Roman drain Another part of the foundations of the Roman baths, this time showing the drainage system. 34787928 Pultney Bridge An interesting bridge with buildings atop which spans the River Avon. 34787925