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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

Kew Gardens Kew Gardens Water Lilly House The hottest, most humid yet smallest of Kew's glass houses. 38720508 Victoria cruziana bud Unfortunately this giant bud hadn't opened yet, the flower must be huge! The leaf in the background is about 4' across! 38716793 Nymphaea in bloom This beautiful flower was about 6" across, the Victoria cruziana flower must be huge! 38716799 Up the tree! Indulge me - I like taking photographs looking up into trees! This one is magnificent. 38716787 Cacao This knobby orange pod produces the most popular flavour in the world - chocolate! 38716788 Clive's new friend! This little chap took a shine to Clive and followed him for ages! 38716789 Flattened squirrel! However if Clive turned round to look at him he would flatten himself to the ground! 38716792 Wait for me! Then as soon as Clive set off again the squirrel would chase after him! 38716803 Common Coenagrion I am extremely proud of this photograph! It is better than the one in our wildlife book! 38716790 David Bellamy? This is one of the great old trees in the gardens, some of which are all of 250 years old! 38716791 Golden Pheasant Don't know where this chap came from, we came upon him having a dust bath under a tree! 38716794 Stone Pine You can just make out Clive standing by the trunk of this enormous tree! 38716795 Japanese Garden This was the most beautiful and tranquil garden in the whole of Kew. 38716796 Chokusi Mon Japanese Gateway, the centrepiece of the Japanese Garden. 38720994 The Pagoda One of the famous landmarks of Kew Gardens. 38716800 Strange behaviour! This Great Crested Grebe was helping the Coot to build its nest! 38716786 Identity crisis maybe! The Grebe continued to bring nesting material to the Coot. 38716797 How bizarre! The Coot happily accepted nesting material from the Grebe and tucked it into the nest. The Coot's mate was also bringing nesting material. 38716798 Peacock This magnificent bird was such a poser! Everytime someone new walked over to it, up went the tail! 38716813 Peacock Taking a breather from showing off to it's public! 38716801 Queen Charlotte's Cottage Queen Charlotte had this pretty cottage built as a place to take the family for picnics. 38716802 In the Arid Zone Inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory. The Arid Zone is where all the prickly things grow!!! 38716805 Kew Palace This palace used to be the family home of George III. 38716806 View from the Xstrata It was a great vantage point, we could see for miles. 38716804 The Xstrata Staircase Just my luck - the lift was out of order and we had to climb 118 steps! 38720507 Admiring the view Clive on one of the Xstrata walkways. 38720512 The Xstrata This fantastic walkway has been built so that you can have a trees-eye view! 38720511 Painted Lady I spotted this pretty butterfly inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory - I think it sneaked in somewhere! 38716809 Weeping Birch You can see from the diminuitive figure of Clive just how huge this tree was! 38720509 Strange ducks! I have no idea what species of duck these are, they're not in my book! Answers on a postcard please. 38716812 Weeping Birch A lot of these enormous branches have been supported by metal struts - it was like a cave inside! 38720510 Mel and Oak This magnificent oak is probably one of the first trees to be planted at Kew, possibly 250 years ago! 38716807