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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

August 09 August 09 Buckden Sunset This was the most spectacular sunset, the colours were amazing. 47393578 Boats in the sunset. It really was a fantastic sky. 47396074 Thomas! Thomas the Tank Engine pulling trains at Nene Valley Railway. 47393680 Indy and Daddy Indy was very excited to see Thomas in the station. 47393681 Aboard Thomas Indy really enjoyed the journey on board the train pulled by Thomas. 47394836 Indy and Granddad Awww! She loves her granddad! 47394837 Bouncing Castle She had a great time bouncing around. 47394838 Bungy Trampoline Wheee I'm flying! 47394839 Roller Coaster She had it all to herself and got to ring the bell! 47394840 Big slide Indy had a whale of a time launching herself onto this huge slide and whizzing down to the bottom! 47394841 The Thin Controller! He really looks the part except he is a bit skinny! 47396076 Thomas's Big Brother This is the engine that pulled the train to Peterborough - Thomas was too small to go all that way! 47396075 Indy's new bike Indy was thrilled to bits with the bike her daddy had got for her birthday. 47393579 New bike She was delighted to have a proper bike - with brakes and tassles! 47394842 Vicki and Ben They both enjoyed the trip to see Thomas the Tank Engine but they enjoyed the carvery at The Sessions even more! 47625431 Waiting for a train! Ben, Vicki, Mel and Clive - just to prove I was actually there, my sister took this! 47863351 Share the joke! No idea what we were laughing at but it must have been funny! 47863350 Triumph TR6 This is Clive's little baby - its been very handy whilst we've been at the marina. 47863354 A Great Loaf! Success - the bread maker worked a treat whilst we were cruising. Thanks Ben! 47863352 Egret We spotted this snowy white bird as it flew over the river. 47863353 The Anchor We popped in here for a quick one when we arrived at Great Barford. 48734868 Entering Bedford Incredible to think this is in the heart of a very busy town! 48734869 The bridge in Bedford There are some really lovely old bridges crossing the river, like this one. 48734870 Bedford Moorings These moorings looked ever so peaceful till the canoeists appeared! 48734871 Guillotine lock in Bedford I hate these - they are manually operated using a big wheel and they are very hard work! 48961118 Ably assisted by Clive! Clive took a turn on the big wheel - I really appreciated his help. 48961121 Leaving Bedford You would hardly believe you were on the outskirts of a large town! 48961123 Castle Mill Lock This was a really huge lock. Very deep and very long! 48961119 Shorts Hangars I really can't believe I missed these first time round, they are huge! 48961124 Great Barford Bridge This amazing bridge actually has 17 arches altogether and is very old. 48961117 Underneath the arches! Passing through the bridge at Great Barford. 48961116 Feeding frenzy! Clive and I love throwing bread into the river and watching the fish rush to nibble it. 48961122 Tea and biscuits on deck! Richard and Teresa Moon came to visit us in Great Barford. It was lovely to see them. 48961120 Para-karting! This looks great fun! It was really windy and the carts were really moving! 49734980 St Ives mooring This is quite a busy mooring, not surprising as it is really pretty here. 49734981 Hemingford Meadow This vast meadow stretches away into the distance where there are sheep grazing. 49734982 Moored at the Dolphin. These moorings are right alongside the Dolphin Hotel in St Ives. 49734983 Common Seal What an amazing sight, a Common Seal living at Earith! 50329661 Common Seal A frequent visitor to the Westview Marina, has even brought pups on one occasion! 50329662 Kingfisher We were delighted to spot this beautiful bird alight on a tree and pose for a photograph. 50329663 Indy and Daddy We love to have Indy and her daddy visit us on board Lady Arwen. 50329664 Bye bye Granny and Granddad Hopefully it won't be long before we see her again. 50329665