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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

October 09 October 09 Peterborough Just approaching the city centre moorings in Peterborough. 54387615 Sunset over Overton Lake It was so beautiful as we cruised into the lake. 54387614 Spectacular! I love sunsets! You can see how close we were cutting it though, it was nearly dark! 54387613 Jiminy Cricket! This little chap is a Southern Oak Bush Cricket and I found him in the galley! 54387617 Wansford Station Moored right at the station watching the trains go by! 54387616 Proper locks Glad to be back to operating "proper" locks again after the push-button ones in East Anglia. 55157121 Assessing the damage! Dave Bassett came to meet us in Fotheringhay to assess the damage to the cratchboard. 55157120 Busy waterway! We have both been amazed at the number of boats we have seen on the move over the last couple of days! 55156108 Refuelling at Whilton Back to where it all started - again! This time topping up with diesel and a new gas bottle. 55156109 Cratch patch! AJ Canopies made a very good job of patching the tears in the cover. 55401563 Our neighbours! We are moored opposite this field with a huge herd of cows in it! 55401562 Passing Strangers on a lovely peaceful day Good day for boating. 55620164 Hilmorton You would never know that we were on the outskirts of Rugby! 55401564 Percy's cottage Lovely old place, isn't it? 55620165 Lotsaspotted ladybird! The boat was boarded all of a sudden. 55620166 unusual ladybird Don't know this one either#?! 55620167 Great Graffiti Canals Old and New. 55620168 Merlin No, not the wizard... 55620169 The Elusive Jay I was absolutely thrilled when this Jay landed in the oak tree opposite the boat. 55842447 The Elusive Jay Not only that but he stayed long enough for me to get some photographs. 55842448 The Elusive Jay The Jay really is a beautiful bird. A member of the crow family, Corvidae. It has an amazingly short beak don't you think? 55842449 Anzac Biscuits Mel's first batch. 56311328 School trip! Youngsters out for a paddle at half term 56311329 Ingenious bridge These bridges were designed to allow a horse towing a boat to be able to cross the canal without untethering it. 57552065 Its all in the curve! This is the clever bit it brings the horse back onto the towpath without having to untie the towrope. 57552063 Autumn glory It has been lovely cruising along and seeing Autumn in all its glory. 57552064 Autumn on the Macc All too soon the leaves will be gone altogether as Winter takes a grip! 57552068 Peaceful mooring It is hard to believe that we are right on the edge of Macclesfield. 57552067 Squirrel antics This little fellow was foraging for berries on a Hawthorne very close to the boat. 57552066