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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

November 09 November 09 November rainbow Is this a good omen do you think! 58601097 Roving bridge Designed to allow horses to cross the canal without having to be untethered from the boat. 58600286 Misty mill From glorious blue sky and sunshine a mist suddenly descended and shrouded the canal. 58600287 Marple Junction Here is where we turn right onto the Upper Peak Forest Canal 59181147 Lofty canal This canal is dug into the side of the hills overlooking the Goyt Valley 59181148 Lofty canal I don't think we have been on a canal as high up as this one before! 59181149 Lift bridge These bridges are lifted by winding them up with a windlass - tough work! 59182150 Lowering the bridge Its much easier lowering them. 59181150 Diminutive cow! We passed a field with three of these dinky little cows in it. They are much smaller than your average cow. 59182146 Goyt Mill One of the many canalside mills in this part of the world - this one is rather grand! 59182147 Lunching canoeists We passed these other users of the canal whilst they were having their lunch. 59182148 Newmills viaduct Another example of a spectacular northern railway viaduct. 59182149 Another November rainbow! Well November started out with a rainbow and here is another one. 60815260 Doubled up! The rainbow was so bright against the dark sky and you can see its ghostly reflection. 60815261 Somewhere under the rainbow! It was quite a big rainbow and I could barely get it all in the picture! 60815721