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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

February 2010 February 2010 Shroppie Fly Folk Club It was well attended and there were lots of instruments including a hurdy gurdey and a psaltery! 69491220 Ancient instrument This gentleman is playing a bowed psaltery. It is quite an old instrument and sounds very pleasant. 69491221 Clive playing along. The beauty of the guitar is that you can play along with just about anything, even if you don't know the tune! 69491222 The Shroppie Fly A lovely pub right next to the canal. 69492680 Audlem Flight Locks 1 - 15 raise the canal a total of 93 feet! 69492678 Quirky sign! We see some strange stuff on the cut! The funny thing was there wasn't a sheep in sight, pregnant or otherwise!! 69492679 Shroppie Sunset The silhouette of the tree against this lovely sky is gorgeous. 69492683 Shroppie Sunset I just can't resist sunsets! 69492681 Snowy Sunday! This is what greeted us when we woke up on Sunday morning! 71335119 Snowy Sunday! You have agree though, it is very pretty. 71335121 Clive and his mum He is showing her how far back he has got with the family tree on her mother's side. 71335117 Joan and Joan Joan Morris (Mum) and her cousin's wife, Joan Meakin. 71335118 Clive and his dad Once again explaining the family tree! 71335120 Shroppie Kingfisher We were thrilled to spot this lovely bird on a branch just below the lock. 71336645 Shroppie Kingfisher They don't often stop around long enough to be admired! 71336646 First Snowdrops! I was delighted to see these Snowdrops as we arrived in Audlem today. Spring is sprung! 71336648