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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

June 10 June 10 Red Kite I simply can't resist photographing these magnificent birds! 85653970 Red Kite Its wonderful to watch them soaring on the thermals. 85653971 Red Kite Not long ago there were hardly any of these birds left, now they're as common as muck round here! 85653972 Spot the boat! If it wasn't for the canopy and the laundry you wouldn't know she was there! The banks were really high! 85653973 Arachnid! I don't mind spiders in their own environment, I just don't like them sharing mine!! 85653974 Dragonfly He came to rest on the towel as it was drying in the breeze. 85653975 Banded Demoiselle We see lots of these lovely blue damsel flies flitting about amongst the reeds. 85653976 Lock Guardian! Being a dragon fanatic I was delighted to see this little chap lurking in the undergrowth at a lock! 87128025 Reed Bunting We have seen an awful lot of these little chaps as we have been cruising the Thames. 87128026 Coriander seedlings! My first attempt at growing my favourite herb! 87128028 Clumsy swan? We spotted this swan incubating her eggs then noticed she had lost one - or was it pushed! 87128029 Perfect mooring Moored out in the middle of nowhere next to a wildflower meadow - idyllic! 87128030 Red Arrows We were thrilled to have such a brilliant view of their display! 87129167 Red Arrows Some of their formations are amazing. 87129168 Red Arrows This one is interesting - not seen it before. 87129169 Red Arrows Smoke on! 87129170 Red Arrows Singleton! I could almost see his smiling face! 87129166 Magnificent sunset To round off a brilliant day was the most wonderful sunset. 87129172 Magnificent sunset A boat went past and the ripples reflected the sunset. 87129171 Common Blue This tiny little blue butterfly was spotted in the wildflower meadow next to our mooring. 87128027 Common Blue Now you can see his spotted underwings. 87129175 Meadow Brown Clive spotted this little fella whilst out butterfly hunting! 87129173 Buff Tailed Bumblebee We were glad to see lots of bumblebees in the meadow. 87129174 Enigmatic smile! Another example of topiary in one of the beautiful lock gardens along the Thames. 87129176 Not so enigmatic! The other one of the pair! 87129178 Chinook I heard this huge chopper coming from behind the trees then he flew straight over the top of the boat! 87129177 Oi! Get off me boat!! One of the inquisitive cows who came to inspect the boat! 87130431 Curlew in flight! Its a bit blurry but you can certainly see his long curving beak. 87130432 Halfpenny Bridge The moorings just before the bridge at Lechlade. 87130433 First lighting! The barbecue that Clive got for his birthday back in February being lit for the first time! 88579608 Our first barbecue afloat! Well you know what I mean!! 88579607 Great spot! What a lovely place to christen the barbecue. 88579609 Happy Father's Day Clive celebrating Father's Day with our first barbecue. 88579610 Neighbour's dog Molly This little dog reminded us so much of our old dog Kerry! Bless!! 88579606 Yellowhammer We saw quite a lot of these pretty little birds whilst cruising up the Oxford Canal. 88579611 Buffalo and calf Anybody would think we were cruising through the Serengeti! 88579612 Five abreast! The historic boat festival at Braunston - there were so many boats! 88579613 Novel cabin! We were intrigued by the sight of a tent pitched on the josher bow! 88579614 Sleeping it off! Then we noticed it had an occupant! 88579616 Singing Yellowhammer "A little bit of bread and no cheese" is what they sing - honest! 88579615 Swallow in flight I was delighted to get this shot! 88579617 Thelwell Pony! We passed a field full of Shetland Ponies, they are so cute! 88579618 Willow Warbler We often see these little birds flitting in and out of the reeds. 88579619