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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

July 10 July 10 Morning swim! Early morning swimmers in the Nene at Wadenhoe. 93306042 Top Gun An F15 Eagle - US fighter plane. 93306043 AWACS American radar equipped reconnaissance plane. 93306044 How low! The low bridge in Nordelph which caused all our problems back in September '09! 93306045 Queuing at Salters Lode Loads of boats waiting to through onto the River Gt Ouse. 93306046 Red Sails Shame it wasn't sunset really! 93306047 Piggyback Grebes Grebe parents really look after their chicks well. 93306048 Grebe chicks They are such pretty birds and their chicks are all stripey. 93306049 Fishing Grebe This one came up trumps with a fish in its beak. 93306050 Playing Fish! We taught Indy to play Fish and she promptly started beating us all! 93306051 Indy and Daddy Cruising to Cambridge on board Lady Arwen. 93306052 Capn' Indy She does rather like to be in charge!! 93306053 Chequers Gareth teaching Indy to play chequers. Look at that concentration! 93306054 Nasty bite! My alien foot - result of an insect bite! 93306056 Jesus Lock Gareth and Indy having fun! 93306055 Jesus Lock So good to see them together again. 93306057 Jesus Lock He kept chasing her and she was shrieking with delight! 93306058 Thrush We were watching this thrush whilst enjoying our pint at The Maid's Head, Wicken. 93306059 Red Headed Shrike This rare bird no longer breeds in Britain and is just an occasional visitor. 93306060 Red Headed Shrike We felt very privileged to have spotted him. 93306061 Weedy Lode! On our way up to Burwell - the blanket weed was dreadful! 93306062 Flauting at Burwell Playing in the final day concert. 93308863 Wrapt attention! Clive and Indy watching our performance. 93308864 Fiddling at Burwell Thelma's fiddle class performing under the tree at Burwell. 93308865 Fit of giggles! Its no joke trying to play a flute whilst laughing! 93308866