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Clive & Melanie Morris - Narrowboat Folkies

Photo Gallery

August 10 August 10 Wicken Lode This is actually navigable believe it or not! 93309223 Budding entymologist! She sat for ages and ages studying an ants nest! 93309224 Pollen collector Bee in a flower! 93309225 Bee controlled! She said a bee flew in her ear, crawled into her brain and took control!! So funny! 93309226 Fen pony One of the many ponies grazing on the fen. 93309227 I see no ships! Indy trying out the binoculars! 93309228 Visitors! My friend Emma and her gorgeous new baby, Ella Jude! 94853425 Look at me! Indy being instructed how to rise to the trot! 94853424 Grooming! Indy being taught how to look after a pony. 94853427 How cute! She was so thrilled with her very first pony ride! 94853428 Five candles! Its hard to believe she is five already! 94853426 Indy and Daddy He's really going to miss her! 94853429 Indy and Jesh Indy really took to Pat's lovely little dog. 94853430 Lindsey, Indy and Pat This was the first time they had met Indy. 94853431 Daughter and mother! Two peas in a pod or what! Lindsey and Pat. 94853432 Indy, Vicki and Ben Saying last goodbyes before she goes back to America 94853534 Indy and Us!! We might not see her again until next July! Not a happy thought. 94855385 Lindsey and Clive Lindsey's second trip on a narrowboat in as many days! 94855386 Jesh! Pat's gorgeous little dog looked so at home on board Lady Arwen. 94855387